The Making of a Musical

North Community Theater Auditions.  I saw the event announcement pop up on my screen. I love musicals, I love the Northside. All ages. Why not give it a go?  It seemed like an opportunity to do something I love and to connect with my family and with my community.  As an artist, I understand the power of creating something collaboratively that can foster new relationships and strengthens communities.  Dudley Voigt along with John Bueche and Kenna Cottman had a vision to bring theater back to North High School and back to the Northside community. The process was more than just a final production. From the building of the sets, the making of props and the gathering of costumes this community was engaged in building a production that spoke of the uniqueness of each individual and the importance and value of joining together.  "We are different and united. We are us and we are you. This is our story."  There's something about theater that brings people together.  Reviewing dance steps in the hallways, painting backdrops, sharing ideas, practicing song lyrics, playing theater games, and having conversations backstage - encouraging each other to be brave and confident - these are the things that helped create a "community production".  These scenes from the eyes of a cast member may not tell the complete story of the final production - but help tell the narrative of a community uniting to create something amazing.  My son's new "best friends" are the high school students he got to meet... he keeps wanting to call them to get together.   And..... at my house we are all making predictions about what next year's show will be .... we know this is only the beginning of the lives that will be touched by the creation of North Community Theater.