Unity March & Rally - Justice 4 Jamar

About a month ago, Jamar Clark, was shot by police just a few blocks from my home. The unjust shooting sparked a movement of people fighting for justice in my neighborhood and in Minneapolis. For 18 days, protesters camped out at the 4th Precinct. They were united in their front - through cold, rain, snow, and even white supremacist shooting attacks - they rallied, prayed, sang, ate, encouraged, cheered and stood firm in their requests. They were cleared from the area in the middle of the night by police as large fenced barricades were erected to keep them away. That however, did not stop the powerful force of a community of people coming together to stand for justice and rights for people who have been oppressed in many ways. The group is only growing stronger - led by a strong #blacklivesmatterminneapolis group and many young black clergy and other young leaders stepping forward.  This is the time. As a white person, it is my privilege and choice to engage actively and vocally in the fight.  My friends of color - live the fight daily and hourly.  This weekend we joined together to shout for justice in the case of Jamar Clark and to pull together to fight for those who have suffered-and continue to suffer - under the hand of inequality and injustice.